How To Recover Google Account On Mobile

How to recover Google account on mobile

A google account lets the users to access apps of Google which includes services like Gmail, Google+, Google Hangouts, Google maps, Google Drive, Google Calendar. If you had deleted Google account and want to know how to recover google account on mobile, Contact Google account recovery by phone call and also , go through easy step following:

Open chrome browser.

Type Google account recovery help in your browser 

Click on the link of official google account recovery page.

Enter the email address of the email ID which you need to recover in the space provided.

Now, click on Next.

On the Next page, Google asks to enter the any of the last password which you remember for the account that you wish to recover.

If you don’t remember any of the password, then, click on “Try Another Way”.

If you had activated two-step verification, then, on the next page, enter the phone number in the space provided.

Then, click on Send.

A verification is sent to the phone number.

Enter the code in the space. Follow the step to recover Google mail the account. However, if you don’t have access to the number, then, go through the next step

The next page asks when did you create this account. Enter the month and year and click on Next.

Follow the instructions. However, if you want to skip the above option click on “Try Another Way” for making google account recovery using next option.

On next page, you will get the option of making recovery through providing primary email ID.

Enter the email ID in the space provided.

Open the email ID in the next tab.

Click on the link.

Follow the instruction and recover your account.



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