How to change a flight on southwest airlines

How To Change A Flight On Southwest Airlines

How to change a flight on southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines Company is a low cost carrier airlines and provides one of the finest services to the travelers in the avian industry.

If you have booked a flight in Southwest Airlines, and need to change a flight on Southwest Airlines, you can go through following steps to change your schedule:

Step 1: Login to your Southwest Account:

Go to official website of Southwest Airlines and click on “Log in” to sign into your account.

Enter your log in details.

Step 2:Choose change/cancel flight: After you log into your account, click on tab “Change/Cancel Flight” on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 3:Enter the Confirmation Number, first Name and Last Name:

When you click on the tab “Change/Cancel Flight”, you will be directed to the page to enter Confirmation Number, First and Last Name, you can enter the confirmation number from your reservation.

Step 4:Choose “Change flight” or “ Cancel flight”:

On the next page, you will get an option to change a flight present at the top right , select that option and then, click Search.

Step 5:Select the flights you want to change:

Review your itinerary, and you need to check the box next to flight you want to update.

Step 6:Search for New Flights: If you need to change the dates and cities also kindly update the information or leave those as it is if you’re looking for same day flights.

Step 7:Select New Flights:

Click “Continue”, after selecting New Flights.

Step 8:Review your flights and prices:

Review your selection, and then click “Continue” and then, click “Purchase”.

Besides, you can contact Southwest Airlines by dialing Southwest Airlines Phone Number and you will be provided assistance in best possible way regarding your query and doubts.


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