How To Recover Google Password Without Recovery Email

How to recover Google password without recovery email

Do you think your Google account is under an unauthentic access? Or you may have lost your Google password. You want to recover it but you don’t you have a recovery email. You should know that the account can be recovered even after not having a recovery email address. We will tell you the process of recovering Google password without recovery email or recovering Google password with the help of recovery phone number.


How to recover Google password without recovery email?


Open your web browser and type in it

Go to the top-right corner and click on [Gmail]

The [Sign In] section will appear

It will insist you to enter your username

Click on [Forgot Password?] after the username is entered

Here you need avoid getting the verification code via email address

Prefer to get it via phone call or text message at the phone number you have registered earlier

Let the Google management know whether you want to get a call or text message

In both cases, you will get a verification code

A blank bar will appear where the code is needed to be entered

The recovery instructions will be on your computer screen

You will eventually get the chance to set a new password

Make a stronger password and enter it twice

Save the changes

Ask for technical help

Another way to get the lost account back is to ask for help to the Google engineers. A qualified team if engineers connected to Google account recovery number is promised to express their helping hands if they receive any request from the esteemed users. They are trained enough to help you with various ways of account recovery without using the recovery email address.


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